Explore the surroundings

Explore the surroundings


Norway's second largest glacier. The blue ice is like taken straight out of a fairy tale and the surroundings can take anyone's breath away. It takes 45 minutes to drive from Reipå Camping to Holand where a shuttle boat takes you over the fjord. Once you are over the fjord the distance to the ice is three kilometers. This is a nice route to walk but you also have the option to rent a bike. We highly recommend you to go to Svartisen. Here you have the opportunity to walk on the glacier with a professional guide - even in midnight sun, just remember to book in advance. You can also walk around by yourself and enjoy the spectacular view. There is even a chance that you can kiss a moose (no kiddin')!

Horntinden & Skroven

Hortinden (454 m) is one of the most visited mountains in our town and has a spectacular view over the sea and the islands. It is easily accessed from the road at the end of Fore. Skrovtinden (463 m) shares the same starting point as Horntinden and takes a little bit longer time but doesn’t share the same steepness as Horntinden. The mountain has a view over Dalen and Reipå, but you also see the sea from this top. You can even to both tops on the same hike!


Hornneset is one of the most popular hiking areas in the municipality. The trip starts on the parking lot at the end of Fore, only 5 minutes drive from the campsite. Not only is it the starting place to reach two awesome mountains (Horntinden and Skrovtinden) but there are also several beaches, which can be accessed either by walking along the sea side or through the forest. This trip is suitable for all ages and is a nice destination for families with kids.


The Fykan stairs. Built in 1919 by workers called "Rallare". The stairs climb 300 meters in altitude to the top of the mountain and have 1129 steps. In the old days the stairs were needed to build the hydropower station in Glomfjord. Today, this has become a known and popular tourist attraction and is one of Europe's best preserved outdoor wooden stairs. You will find the stairs about 40 minutes south by car - in Glomfjord. The hike is not for people easily scared of heights and you walk on your own responsability. Even though, the trip is unforgettable and the view is spectacular. 


The world's strongest tidal current.

Watch the power of nature as 400 million m3 of sea water pushes its way through the 150m narrow gap beneath the Saltstraumen bridge. At every tide, the water battles its way with speeds up to 20 knots, drawn by forces of the moon. Saltstraumen offers amazing fishing opportunities, excursions with boats and breathtaking nature. It is located about 29 km south of Bodø and 82 km north of Reipå Camping. The current creates amazing whirlpools of up to 10 meters in diameter and leaves you with no doubt that Mother Nature is still in charge.


One of our personal favourites. Park by the harbour and walk towards Finnes while you look for birds, eagles and seals along the sea. If you are lucky you can even see a fox or an otter.  You can also drive all the way past the harbour and park on a marked parking lot at Finnes. From there you can take a hike to Løkta, which is on the northern side (2 km forth and back). This is a really nice walk through nature and ends at the sea. Even during a storm, this is a super nice hike to do. Follow the road from the parking lot on foot and stick to the right. You will then reach a white house at the end of the road. There is a path leading to the forest (right). Follow signs towards «Løkta».  You can also go to the mountain of Finnes, the Finnesfjellet, which is known for their special stone formations. Finnes is 8 kilometers north of our campsite.